What’s been happening – Covid 19 – The way ahead.

- March 18, 2020

What a period of time this is – never been known in our lifetime.

Squash and Racketball Leagues. – Very nearly finished the League games apart from the last round of fixtures in Squash Division 1. The League fixtures are suspended for the time being with teams being given the option to play their last round of matches. Some teams wanted to play and some teams didn’t want to play. There will be no penalties for teams who didn’t wish to play their last match. Where it matters (bottom of Division 1) we will try and play one outstanding match when it’s possible to play safely.

Knockout Cups – Again, very nearly finished the semi final fixtures except one rescheduled semi final match. The Knockout Cups Finals Night is postponed and it is hoped to play the knockout finals when it is possible to play safely.

Shropshire County Closed – Has been postponed and the Shropshire County Closed competition may be played when it is possible to play safely.

The way ahead. Organising committees and secretaries will contact individual players/ Captains/ teams & clubs to resume when it is deemed to be able to play our County sport safely.

Some clubs are closing and some are staying open. Whatever your club is doing please stay safe. Let’s hope we can resume the Shropshire County League and Knockout Cup competitions soon.

Don Wallington

League Secretary

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