Shropshire Leagues

Shropshire Squash & Squash 57 (Racketball). 

All leagues from the current season are being administered on the SportyHQ platform. 

Squash Levels is also being utilised when necessary.

Please click here to go to the SportyHQ website where you can register for an account.

There is also a new Shropshire Leagues (Squash & Squash 57 (Racketball) Matchcard (just add the correct bonus score) and a new Shropshire Leagues (Squash & Squash 57 (Racketball) Scorecard, in the ‘Downloads section’, you may wish to use. (You may have to ‘enable printing/editing’ prior to printing).

Any QUESTIONS / PROBLEMS please contact the League Secretary, Don Wallington


Squash Levels  (

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