Shropshire Squash Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2022 – Minutes

donwallington - October 11, 2023

These are the Shropshire Squash AGM minutes from 2022 which were not published at the appropriate time as the website was not available.

Held 15th September 2022 at Shrewsbury Squash & Racketball Club, Shrewsbury.
Ian Dinwiddy (Chairman), Don Wallington (LS), Ben Schur (CC & Dev), Max Ball, Lee Picken
Attendees list lost.

  1. Apologies:
    Barry Talbot (Treasurer), Jon Ellis (CCSRC), Graham Burnett (BCSRC), Elaine Radcliffe
    (LDO), John Brownlie.
  2. Minutes of Previous Meeting
    The previous minutes were unanimously accepted as a true copy.
  3. Matters Arising
    Ian opened the meeting. He reminded everyone that the Minutes from 2022, Chairman’s
    Report, Accounts and Calling Notice had been placed for ease of access on the website,
    including a request for any Agenda Items. Limited paper copies were available if required.
    Additional agenda items, other than the Chairman’s additions had not been received. Ian
    added that all other items in the previous meeting minutes were covered under separate
    items on the agenda.
  4. Annual Report
     Chairman’s Report (ID)
    Ian presented the chairman’s report. Copies available on the website. Ian invited any
    questions / comments from the floor but none were forthcoming.
  5. Appointment of Auditors
    Ian advised us that Mark Jones from Cannock had verified last year’s accounts and proposed
    that Mark would continue to audit this 2021.22 year.
    There were no objections received.
  6. Treasurers Report – Ian Dinwiddy
    The accounts (copies provided), covering the Financial Year from 01.06.21 to 31.05.22, have
    been independently audited and will be placed on the website. The previous year’s accounts
    were also confirmed as being independently verified and audited. We invested quite a bit in
    2021-22 in the primary school development programme and the junior academy. Over the
    year total funds have been reduced from £18.6k to £16.2k.
    There were no questions raised.
  7. League Fees
    Following on from the treasurers report it has been decided to maintain the leagues fees from
    last year. We will look to revert back to the agreement made in 2015 next season when there
    will be a small increase implemented, but this will be reviewed nearer the time. Therefore, the
    proposal for Squash League fees this year is to remain as £80, Squash, £40 Racketball
    (Squash 57).
    It was advised that the early discount rules would be discontinued from now on. Clubs were
    reminded that the Committee would apply the rules / penalties for late payment. We would
    continue to review the fees at this forum in the future.
    There were no other thoughts or comments from the floor, ideally fees would either be paid
    electronically, or cheques sent to Barry as previous years.
  8. Election of Management Committee
    The Election of the Management Committee details were sent with the Calling Notice.
    No new nominations had been received from the floor.
    Ian mentioned that the Committee welcomed anyone who wanted to come along to join the
    committee and support Shropshire Squash.
    Ian proposed the remaining committee members, Barry Talbot (Treasurer), Don Wallington
    (Leagues), Max Ball (Cup), Lee Picken, Ian Tanner (Competitions), Ben Schur (County
    Coach and Development) Elaine Radcliffe and himself be re-elected,
    The floor approved this unanimously.
  9. League Update – DW
    The league secretary provided an update on changes to the league rules for the coming
    season and a general update on the new leagues.
    An end of season review meeting will be arranged to get feedback on the season and any
    improvements or changes that people feel would benefit the leagues.
  10. ES Update / CAN Update / ESWMRF
    The chairman provided a brief update from ES and the commonwealth games in that they
    were a great success and that on the back of this we need to ensure we maximise the
    potential this could bring to our sport. We need to grab this once in a generation opportunity
    and get our there and promote squash / arrange events etc.
    The chairman noted that funding was now directly with via ES rather than through the regional
    forum, which had all but been disbanded?
  11. AOB
    Website Refresh – The chairman advised that the committee are reviewing potential options
    to refresh the website and that more details would be provided when available.
    Competitions organization – It was noted that organizing the county competitions is a big task
    and at present the committee have limited resources and would appreciate any assistance.
    WSD – World squash day is 15th October, please let us know of any events your clubs are
    considering so we can assist and promote.
    GJ (SSRC) advised that it was the intent of his club to stream matches on the glass back
    court. ID noted that there should be a sign to advise this and if a player was not happy the
    stream should not be activated.
    Ian opened the floor for further questions. There being no further business Ian, thanked all for
    attending and then drew the meeting to a close, handing over to Barry to collect league fees.
    He thanked the Committee for their continued support and everyone for attending and wished
    everyone a good season.

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